Top 10 Reasons Why Is Technology Bad for Kids?

Most of the pleasures of today’s life are possible due to this digital technological progress in recent years. Humans are finding different ways to make technology beneficial for the world. This lure of technology has created a false image of perfection in the innocent mind of children. Despite all its benefits we have to look for the other aspect which questions us about why Technology is bad for kids, what wrong impacts it is leaving on the young minds of our children?

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons behind this worse situation of digital global scenarios.

1. Increased Isolated behavior

A solid reason why technology is bad is to increase the tendency of isolation among people. People nowadays, love to stick with their phones and don’t want to involve in outdoor activities. This trend is growing in children. Nowadays, children prefer to stick with their gadgets, and it results in the reduction of human interaction.

2. Insomnia

A lot of people in our society are suffering from sleep deprivation problems. It is due to the continuous exposure to the bright screens on the technical devices. It gives the wrong signals to mind about believing during the day that it’s still daytime.

3. Blurred Thinking Patterns

A visit to a library for getting information is a game of past now. The mobile phone can bring these pieces of information to your fingertips. This is the facility was not previously available then why technology is bad for us? The students are mining many sites to gather the information that is giving a caveman type of mental approach to them. They are confused about primitive thinking patterns.   

4. Cyber Crimes

Technology has completely changed the world during the recent decade. Many changes are doing well in our lives still we have a solid reason to think that Why technology is bad for our children. it’s getting harder to save your young children and teens from sexual predators, sexting, and cyberbullying. These activities have an increasing tendency to negatively effecting young, innocent minds.

5. Memory Loss

The students today rely so much on technology to get answeres. The students are spending time learning and experimenting. Instead, they heavily rely on the internet to get the task done. The technology is bad for kids: as it’s leading our generation towards losing their ability to think and create from their minds.

6. Many ideas for cheating

All the information is within the reach of the kid through technology. Kids often try different gadgets to use in tricky ways to help them during the exam. Students are smart enough to do their assignments with the help of the internet, even is some cases students tried to hack the school network systems to get access to their exams.

7. Feelings of Resentment

Another important factor why technology is bab is that it is creating an atmosphere of resentment among kids. They are losing problem-solving skills and increased stress levels. Mostly kids are relying on their gadgets for the given tasks, and they are not using the natural ability of the brain to work.

8. Security concerns

Our child is just one step away from getting trapped by some criminal if he is using the internet unobserved. It is not so simple to say that why technology is bad for the kids, as it is threatening towards the peace of a family. Children can be easy prey to get personal information for the mapping of criminal acts.      

9. Lack of Attention

Attention is the milestone to get success in any area of life. It works towards getting memory, perception, learning, and problem-solving. A child cannot get the desired academic performance without being attentive. Sadly we can feel that why technology is bad for the kids is that they have unnecessary imaginations; they can’t concentrate properly. All this lure of technology is resulting in distractions and diminished memory.

10. Lack of socialization

Life today is very busy even for the kids. A child needs to learn social skills through positive interaction with his peers, teachers, and parents. A recent study has shown a remarkable decrease rate in student social interactions with class fellows. This is the reason we need psychologists in our schools to handle students for losing focus and lack of socialization skills. The kids today mostly remain busy with their gadgets, which is developing their minds with less empathy and isolation.


Technology has brought revolutionary changes to the world. It has transformed the entire living standards, then why technology is bad for our kids as if it given to kids without any observation: will lead to worse circumstances for society. It’s the point to ponder for us to save our generation from these adverse impacts of technology. We can take some solid steps for making rules and regulations’ towards safety for kids while using the internet.