When Can Baby Use Bumbo?



Your baby is growing…

You need him to develop better motor activity…

Along with that, you may be trying for him to start sitting quickly…

As moms, we all have been looking into various options that are the best fit for our baby.

All of us want our little one to be better enough to throw the hat in the ring with their peers.

Therefore, while looking into different options to aid your little one. Bumbo seat is one of the objects you must have heard a lot about.

Here we are going to provide you with all the information relative to it.

Bumbo Seat

A bamboo seat is made of soft comfortable foam. It is good enough for the children who cannot sit by themselves. However, when a child can hold his head we can use a bumbo seat.

It aims to help children develop better motor skills. Moreover, it also accelerates the child’s development and the sitting process.

When You Can Practically Use A Bumbo Seat?

The manufacturing companies say that the seat is suitable for babies of 3-12 months. Once your child can sit by himself, you can then shift to the bumbo floor seat.

In another way, we can say that you can use a bumbo seat anytime your baby gets a stable head position.

Some babies cannot hold their head properly even after 3 months. Therefore, this seat may not be the right choice for such babies. It will make the baby not only fall but also have severe injuries.

The other approach can be using a bumbo seat in children who can hold their head but are too young. Making you infant sit for a long time will seriously affect his muscles and back. Although the seat provides the basic back and side support, it is not enough for too young babies.

So, you have to be very careful in selecting a bumbo seat according to the age, and weight of your child.

Bumbo International, a renowned South African, claims that:

  • The bumbo Seat helps the baby in assuming an upright position
  • It provides improved visual field. It will make you child interact with his environment to its maximum.
  • Bumbo seat also provides a hip flexion for the baby to have a comfortable sitting position.

Now, let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the bumbo seat.

Pros And Cons Of Bumbo Seat

There can be many different advantages and disadvantages of a bumbo seat. According to the parent’s recent reviews, the most important pros and cons are:

Pros Of Bumbo Seat

Upright Posture

The bumbo seats provide the baby with the best possible upright position. It supports him from the back, front, and sideways. In this way, it provides complete protection to your little growing human. It will hasten the perfect sitting process in this way.

Better Engagement

As a parent, you will love your baby sit comfortably in the chair. You will enjoy seeing the baby interacting with his atmosphere. The baby will feel happy engaging with his environment while sitting in his bumbo seat.

Better Head Control

The bumbo seat helps your child have better head control. This will aid your child to sit and have a comfortable position without falling. The child will develop better and quicker head controls while sitting in the bumbo seat.

Simple to Use

It requires no assembly just like the other baby aid tools and toys. You just need to review directions in the booklet given inside and start using it.

Motor Skills Development

It is a tool to build fine motor skills in your child. It may be a tool of choice for you. So, opt for a bumbo seat at an early age for your child’s better development.

Propping Your Children To Sit Without Parents Help

Bumbo Seat helps your child assume a sitting position without much of parent’s effort. It also provides with a comfortable sitting position to your child.

Special Children

The Bumbo seat is a leading choice in the case of children having physiological abnormalities or developmental delays. In some cases, it can prove a game-changer. Your child can learn slowly how to support his back and stabilize himself.

Flat Head Issues

You can cope well with the flat head issues with the help of bumbo seat. The kids are at greater risk of flat head known as plagiocephaly. It is due to the same resting position of your baby. We usually tend to place our child in the car seat, carriers, swings, and bouncers that can lead to a flat head. Mostly, it is up to the age of 4 to 5 months. Bumbo seats can help a lot in preventing Flat Hand Syndrome (plagiocephaly).

Easy to Clean

The bumbo seat is always easy to clean. You even do not need to soak it into the water to clean it. Just use a damp cloth and clean softly.


The seat is easy to carry to any place and is super easy to use. Bumbo seat offers the major feature of being portable. Even you can travel with it and carry it anywhere

Seat Belt

To ensure the safety of your child bumbo seats come with a flexible seat belt to give a more comfortable and safe experience. So, you can stop worrying about your child for a while and enjoy some free time.

Cons Of Bumbo

Bumbo seat offers many benefits over other toys and chairs. However, there are still some major disadvantages to this product. Parents have some major concerns after the use of bumbo seats. So, let us see whether bumbo seat is a good option for your rapidly growing child. Is it worth spending your bucks?

Decrease Belly Time

The seat significantly decreases the belly time of your child. It will decrease the opportunity of stretching his muscles of limbs and back. This will reduce the probability of early sitting and controls of his body.


Even if the baby can hold his head a bit at the age of 3 months, he is not completely stable. Therefore, a bumbo seat may not be the best option to use at a very early age.

Heavy Babies

The babies that are heavy or have chubby legs may do not find the chair very easy. The legs may experience strain or sometimes turn blue. The babies with a heavy top may also get instable easily. This can make your little one fall from the bumbo seat.

Not A Good Investment For All

For some babies, bumbo seat may not work at all. It includes the baby who cannot control their head significantly. Moreover, for chubby baby, bumbo seat is not a very reliable product. However, it all depends on your personal choice and conditions.

Is Bumbo Seat Really Worth It?

Parents have some major concerns after the use of bumbo seats. For some, it is useful but for others, it may raise certain complications.

So, let us see whether bumbo seat is a good option for your rapidly growing child. Is it worth spending your bucks?

Baby Growth

As the child grows, we have the following expectations:

Age Of ChildPhysical And Physiological Growth
3-6 MonthComplete head control and stability.
6-9 MonthsChild begins to sit for shorter periods, start crawling
9-12 MonthsWe observe more control in sitting position. The child usually tries to stand with support.
1-4 YearsThe child starts walking, running and gains double the height he had when he was born.

Therefore, your child will develop these skills as he grows. You should not try to hasten any process. Let your child grow at his natural pace.

Many child physiotherapists advise not to use bumbo seats at a very early age. Physiotherapists also claim that the use of Bumbo Seats can interfere with the natural developmental process and put a strain on children back.

Moreover, when the baby grows, he tries to move and stretch his muscles. Activation of various muscles causes his proper development and growth.

Moreover, when the baby grows, he tries to move and stretch his muscles. Activation of various muscles causes his proper development and growth.

There are some shocking approaches

“In 5 years, 17 children were falling from the Bumbo Seat who got skull fracture.”

Moreover, practically no tool or instrument enhances your child motor activity. Most of the time, they serve as a baby sitter. They just provide you with a free hand to do your activities like wash, cook, personal care etc.

Marry Weck, in Chicago Tribune article, concluded our whole debate as,

“It puts the baby’s pelvis in a posterior tilt, which facilitates lumbar flexion, no ant extension. That puts the baby’s chest behind the pelvis. Then the head has to come too far forward. It’s no longer positioned directly above the chest.”

Key Takeaways

  1. The recommended time for the use of the bumbo seat is 4-6 months.
  2. However, it is always case-specific. When you think your child can handle it, it is his time.
  3. There are always some advantages and disadvantages. So, choose wisely for your child.

So, I will conclude by quoting the following statements:

Many people and manufacturing companies claims

  • Bumbo seat a perfect solution
  • A parenting essential
  • The first seat of your baby
  • The perfect motor skills generator

However, practically you will decide when your baby is ready for such a seat. You should also focus on if your child needs it or not.

Think wisely.

It is for your little one, for your family.