Symptoms Of Worms In Kids And Their Behavior

Being a parent is not an easy task at all, be it for the second time or the first. Every time it is a new experience. The age in which children require strict supervision ranges from 6 months to 2 years. This is the period when toddlers learn to crawl and start picking things from the ground and just chuck it into their mouths. This can lead to harmful bacteria and worms hence massive havoc in the toddler’s tummy.

There are multiple symptoms of worms in kids and their behavior associated with them. No matter how clean and tidy you try to keep the house, the worms can somehow manage to enter.   

 Below are some frequently asked questions related to worms which will surely clear all the doubts you might be having related to worms and their link with the behavior of kids.

What are worms?

The worms that can enter the gastric tract are the roundworms a form of parasites. They live and grow in the body.

 The eggs of the worm can be ingested in the body via mouth and can be spread from one person to another through infected feces. These worms are usually found in the soil which has contaminants of feces.

What are the symptoms of worms in kids?

Before a health care provider goes for investigations and tests he/she will always look for the signs and symptoms in the kid. It is merely a parent’s or care giver’s duty to keep a check on the symptoms.

 Remember some kids might not show any symptoms at all. However, those showing the symptoms include:  

  • Severe stomach pain to the extent that the kid doesn’t stop crying.
  • High fever due to inflammation in the body
  • Sounds of wheezing while the kid coughs
  • In extreme cases, worms can be visualized in kid’s poo resembling earthworm.
  • Worms oozing out from the nasal opening and mouth.  
  • Weight loss and failure to grow.
  • Loss of appetite due to indigestion
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Irritability and agitation 

How To Get Rid Of Worms

Once you have noticed the above symptoms have started to present, likely, your kid is now under the threat of worms. Being a concerned mother you might be wondering how to get rid of worms?

There are many methods one can opt for but before following any regimen yourself it is always advisable to seek medical assistance from a health care professional.

First of all book an appointment with your child’s pediatrician, this is so because only the specialist has a command to treat the worm infection from its root. Give complete history about your kid should include his eating and sleeping habits as well. Once the pediatrician has diagnosed the worm infection, he or she will prescribe certain medications. Feeding the medications on time and following the correct meals recommended by the doctor is the key to the elimination of the disease.

Ancient Home Remedies For Worms

If you are among those mothers who rely on ancient home remedies then here are certain home remedies for worms in babies.

  1. Studies have reported that giving raw garlic for about 2-3 times a day to your baby either in crushed form or milk can kill the parasitic eggs of the worms.
  2. Pumpkin has numerous benefits in this case. All you need to do is just pick the seeds from the pumpkin and grind them. After when it reaches a powdered form give it to your baby. You will notice wonderful results.
  3. When we talk about home remedies, how can we forget Aloe Vera and Neem, they both consist of antibiotic properties. A survey conducted on children from 3-4 years concluded that the mixture of neem plant powder was inferred as effective in deworming.

  4. Turmeric being the sole survivor antiseptic agent against all wounds and diseases has proved to show scavenging property against worms according to the Indian Medicines study of herbs. Just heat your child’s milk to a tolerable level and add a few pinches of turmeric to it.

  5. Raw coconut and coconut water are highly potent for eliminating worms from babies. It has naturally occurring antioxidant properties and vitamins as well. Beware to always check the freshness of the water as at times it mostly turns rotten if not used immediately after ripening.

  6. Carrot consists of Vitamin A rich in antioxidants which are highly important to eliminate free radical formation in the body. Just grate or cut into tiny pieces and give it to your baby along with his/her meals. It will surely remove off all the worms from the baby’s body.

Why Does My Child Keeps Getting Worms

Despite consulting the doctor and following the home remedies some mothers still complain as to why does my child keeps getting worms? 

This doesn’t mean you are an ignorant mother, or you are lesser than any other. Some babies tend to have lower immunity therefore they catch worms and infections now and then. Moreover, it is important to keep the floor clean and devoid of any soil from the outside. Continuous sweeping using a good disinfected can be a great deal of help.

Constantly monitor your child while he/she is crawling on the floor ensuring that they don’t grab anything and put it into their mouth. Keep checking their diapers in case you detect any abnormal changes.

Children, when subjected to worms, show substandard behavioral changes. They become agitated and irritated very often. Their cranky behavior is a clear sign that they are inflicted with worms and need attention.


There is no love as superior as a mother’s love. She can understand what her child feels or is going through just by looking at it. She can sense diseases be it a minor fever or worms infestations.

Keeping a hygienic environment and tracking your baby’s meal can lower the risk of worms from entering their body. In contrast, if you are fond of gardening and planting, make sure to keep the remnants of the soil away from the home. Remember a friendly environment is a friendly baby!