How To Make Baby Hair Grow Faster?

Your Child is Adorable in All the Ways Possible!

The fact is that children with or without hair are super lovable little creatures. But as parents, we all worry about the things which can affect our child’s personality in the future years.

Hair is considered the most important part of one’s personality. Thick, shiny, long, dense hair is always fantasized about by most of us. But believe me or not there is no personal involvement in having all this. You can make your hair grow better but you can’t do much with the hair density and length.

It’s all Hereditary!

Hair growth of your child is all determined by the DNA he got from both of his parents. How thick hair will be? What is the texture of hair? How much will be the hair growth? The question to all these answers is the same. It’s all the gene factors for hair encoding the child’s hair growth, textures, and density.

External factors and remedies can help these factors express properly, so, your child could have a maximum from what he inherited from you. They will not only strengthen hair follicles and open deadlocks but also make hair stronger, shinier, and denser

Here are some hair growth remedies that can prove much beneficial for your child.

Topical Remedies:

Here are some products you can apply on the scalp of your little one to hasten hair growth and make hair follicles stronger.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil:

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil can be a great option for increasing hair growth. It not only provides deep moisturizing but also a whole nourishment package for the hair follicles to strengthen them.

Massaging the scalp will increase hair supply which will increase hair growth.

2. Shea Butter:

Shea butter can be another option for massaging your child’s scalp. It is neutral and enriched with vitamins and minerals. So, it can be a great source of nourishment for your child’s hair. It increases hair growth, blood supply and makes hair denser and stronger.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is very helpful in children with curly hair. It will help make hair less fussy, moisturize them, and help in hair straightening. It is used all over the world in curly hair treatment products because of its emollient properties.

3. Aloe Vera Gel:

Use natural Aloe Vera gel to wash your baby’s hair. Cut Aloe Vera skin with a sharp knife or blade. Do not use an iron blade, otherwise, it will cause oxidation. Remove the gel and mix with water. Massage this fluid on your baby’s scalp and wash with water afterwards. You may mix honey with it for better result.

Aloe Vera Gel

It will not only strengthen the hair but also open hair locks of your little one.

4. Argan Oil:

Argan oil

Argan oil is being used worldwide to promote hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, and makes hair healthy and strong. Massage with soft hands using round motions on your baby’s scalp for better results.

5. Mayonnaise Hair Mask:

When your child is older than 5 years then you can use a mayonnaise hair mask. It is a super cool remedy for straightening curly hair. It will make hair smooth, straight, less fussy and shinny. Mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise in an equal amount of a neutral shampoo. Apply in damp and clean hair for better results. Leave for 15-30 minutes and wash.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask

It works as a protein hair mask providing a coat of amino acids. Moreover, the vinegar present inside provides shine to the hair.

6. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds have been known to promote hair growth, strengthen hair and make hair follicles stronger. For a child older than 5 years a fenugreek hair mask can be very promising. Please note that the child does not swallow it because it can cause allergy, nausea and vomiting in children if taken inside. Grind fenugreek seeds with some water to make a paste. Apply directly on the scalp and hair. Leave for 30 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek oil is another great option. You can also mix 2:1 Fenugreek and Black seed oil to improve results. Moreover, you can add 2-3 capsules of vitamin E in the quarter a litre of oil. But it is completely optional.

Dietary Management:

The diet your baby is taking affects a lot in healthy hair growth. Always try to improve it. Consider the following products.

1. Dairy Products:

Use a healthy diet loaded with dairy products I.e., milk, yoghurt, cheese etc. It will help in healthy hair growth and provide vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin E:

Use Vitamin E enriched foods e.g., wheat, Spanish, sunflower oil etc. in your diet for healthy hair growth. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant and a hair growth element.

3. Spanish:

Spanish is thought to be great for healthy hair growth. It is enriched with Vitamin E and other minerals so it ensures healthier and faster hair growth.

Why Your Child Can Not Grow Hair?

There can be the following reasons affecting your child’s hair growth:

  1. It can be possible that the child inherited the genes with lighter hair. It’s all in the genes whether your child will get the denser hair or the lighter ones. It can be analyzed a bit by observing if you have thick dense hair in your family or not. But it can only give you a slight idea and nothing is for sure. Likewise, if you have curly hair running in your family your child will most probably have the same.
  2. There can also be another reason affecting your child’s hair growth. Probably he inherited good genes of thick and dense hair growth but his hair is still not growing properly. Sometimes the child is not getting enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for hair growth. So, the hair follicles become weaker and start shrinking with time. As a result, less number of hair is produced which ultimately leads to hair fall and baldness in the long run.

By using some natural hair remedies your child can grow much better and thicker hair because it is the age when cells are dividing at a much faster pace.

So, considering it at this stage, using some hair remedies, and improving the diet can help your child in prevention from hair fall when he grows into an adult in future years. This can also result in baldness if ignored for a long time continuously.

Your Baby Is Bald At The Back Of His Head:

You may notice your baby has a kind of pattern baldness especially on the back of his head. It is all because your baby lies all the time on his back. It is important to lie on the back to avoid any complications. So, do not mind it! The hair will also start regenerating as your little one starts rolling over or crawling. It’s all-natural so don’t worry anymore.

Your Baby is Bald at the Back of His Head

Some Care Tips for your Baby’s Hair:

1. Massaging with Natural Oils:

Massaging with natural oils play an important role in increasing blood supply to the head and make your child’s hair stronger and shinier. Try it often. It relaxes your child and also improves hair growth.

2. Hair Shampoo:

Do not shampoo your baby’s hair often. Use a mild shampoo or a neutral soap if needed. Bear in mind that the baby hair does not need any shampoo or vigorous washing. They are themselves so soft, shiny and silky that they do not need any extra agent on them. The chemicals in the shampoo, if left for long on hair, can damage your child’s hair.

3. Use Lukewarm Water:

Always use lukewarm water for washing your child’s hair. Hotter water can cause serious damage to the child’s hair and scalp. Strictly avoid it.

4. Do Not Rub Towel:

Use a soft towel for your child’s hair. Do not rub the towel briskly on his head. Never use a rough cloth or towel for drying hair. Always dry with gentle motions with a super soft towel. If you think possible, leave the hair alone. It can dry itself. Using the towel can damage hair and can cause split ends very often.

5. Use Soft Bristles Brush:

For brushing the hair, use a soft brush or a wide-tooth comb to comb your baby’s hair. Do not try to pull the tangles roughly. If the hair is a bit longer and got entangled, start brushing from the lower end. Remove any tangles there, then move to the upper part and disentangle that part similarly. Always use soft motions and stay patient. Never snag your child’s hair to remove tangles.

6. Using Hairbands And Hair Ties:

Do not use a rubber band or any other hairband to tie your child’s hair tightly. It can cause the hair to get pulled out of follicles and cause hair to fall. If required, tie them loosely or leave them open as it is. A good hairstyle can be a short hair left open. It is much easier for both mom and child.

7. Haircuts:

Cutting the hair often will not enhance hair growth and has no scientific evidence accordingly. It only causes to lose the hair already present. If you want to have a trim, make your child assume a comfortable position. Distract him with the objects present in the surroundings and toys.

8. Head Cover:

While going outside on a sunny day, cover your child’s head with a cloth. Sun rays can cause serious damage to hair proteins and scalp.

Stop worrying a lot!

Many parents are worried that either their child is bald or he has less hair growth. Every child grows hair sooner or later! So, stop worrying about it. However, if your child has not grown any hair for a long time do consider a visit to your doctor to check for any underline disease which is hauling hair growth.

Try some home remedies with natural products. Natural products are known to have less to no harmful effects. Remember there is no magical trick for hair growth and there is no remedy to make hair dense and long in a day or two. Hair growth is an extremely slow process. Even if all goes according to the plan, for a healthy adult there is on average an inch or an inch and a half of hair growth in a month.

So, you have to be patient and consistent.

You have to do it.

Because it is for the sake of your child!

It is for your little one’s beauty!