Can I Get Braces While Pregnant?

Every individual is attractive and beautiful in its way, be it tall, short, dark, pale, chubby, skinny or even pregnant! A dentist ensures that every patient smiles with complete confidence. In some cases, these smiles need special assistance in the form of orthodontic treatment commonly addressed as “Braces”. The reason being so is because certain malformations can disrupt the teeth alignment. Braces are indicated to patients of all age groups irrespective of gender and systemic disease but dentists often are being asked by expecting females that “can I get braces while pregnant”?

The above question is a matter of dilemma for every pregnant woman. It is acceptable for pregnant females to get braces but there are certain conditions where it is NOT very highly recommended. This guide will explain some of the few justified reasons quoted by the dentist as to why braces are NOT indicated during pregnancy for those asking “Can I get braces while I am pregnant”.

Pregnancy brings about various changes in the human body both physically and emotionally. The physical changes include weight gain, fatigue, tiredness, swelling in the lower extremities, bleeding gums, increased plaque or tartar retention on the teeth, etc. After the placement of braces, they require special cleaning which is probably not achieved during pregnancy due to increased plaque retention.

Since braces exert excessive force to produce teeth movement a great deal of pain is accompanied by them. The pressure is so hard that the patient finds it unbearable in the first few months. Pregnancy itself is painful as the enlarging uterus and growth of the fetus cause a great deal of discomfort to the female. Therefore, orthodontists suggest that it is unfair to give extra pain during pregnancy.

For patients who are not pregnant can be prescribed certain painkillers to alleviate the pain generated from the pressure of braces, however, painkillers other than paracetamol are highly contraindicated during pregnancy. This answers to those who ask “can I get braces while pregnant”.

During the initial stages of the braces treatment, the patient is called every week for tightening and follow up. It is completely fine with normal patients however, pregnant patients will find it very inconvenient to go every week for their braces tightening despite having their appointments with their obstetrician. It is like an unwanted hassle.

An orthodontist (one who is a specialist dealing with braces) runs a series of investigations and tests before starting the treatment to identify and diagnose the condition of the patient. These tests may include the exposure of X-rays, harmful radiations. These rays are considered unsafe for the fetus. Studies have suggested that nearly 40% – 50% of the pregnant females when exposed to radiation can result in the deformation of some of the parts of their babies along with mutation which is an abrupt change in the gene of the baby. Consequently for those asking can I get braces while pregnant, it is a big turn down for you.

The most common hazard after radiation is the chemicals present in the dental materials used while fixing braces. The pregnant woman might tend to inhale or accidentally swallow the chemical which in turn can be extremely harmful to her and the fetus as well. So, it is better to avoid getting braces during pregnancy.

We all know that visiting a dentist requires a lot of waiting in the lounge and what’s worse than waiting for your treatment! The prolonged appointment and multiple procedures during braces are quite tiresome for a pregnant lady. Taking a long nap on your comfy bed during the mid of the day is far better than lying on the dental chair for hours!

Dental hospitals are full of patients and you never know which patient bears what kind of disease or infection. During pregnancy, the body’s immunity decreases due to increased demands by the fetus and the mother tend to catch infections more often. Consequently, those questioning “can I get braces while pregnant”? Know that you can get infections from the dental hospital you will be going to for braces.

Dental treatments, braces being the major ones are the only treatments that cannot be done anywhere else rather than a complete dental setup and dental chair. The chair positioning required for braces placement is quite uncomfortable and prolonged. Ideally, the patient is said to lie on his/her back, this position is not very comfortable for pregnant females at all.

Since pregnancy is all about mood swings, the pain exerted from the braces can worsen those mood swings and will lead to irritability. Therefore it is completely fine to postpone your braces treatment till you give birth.

A scientific data collected from a set of pregnant females having maligned and protruded teeth reported that they noticed gradual yet favorable changes in their teeth and jaw during their third trimester of pregnancy. This is so because pregnancy can cause facial feature changes and the things which appeared abnormal before might become normal. In this case for those asking that “can I get braces while I’m pregnant”, you might not need to get braces at all your jaw and teeth to change accordingly.


The dental team recommends that it is better to schedule your braces after pregnancy and there is no need for urgency as such. It is easy for both the dentist and the patient to be mentally relaxed and free of any systemic condition.

Being pregnant is not just a piece of cake. You go through so much and your body endeavors a lot just to bear and bring the new angel into life. You are pretty in your way and taking treatments is just not worth it. The next time your minds strike “can I get braces while pregnant” remember that your health and your baby is supposed to be your primary concern and not your appearance at the moment. Enjoy this phase and don’t burden yourself with thoughts that are not overwhelming.

Happy pregnancy!