Best Potty Training Books for Parents

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Potty Training For Your Child!

Potty training is a huge breakthrough in any child’s life. We as parents usually find it quite challenging and laborious. The most arduous thing is subduing the child’s fear and changing his habits in completely different directions. Sometimes, it goes from intense efforts into a great mess.

It is usually quite gasping for new parents until they find proper guidance from some expert parents or some child experts. The books on potty training are usually full of illustrations and easy to comprehend. It helps your little one takes one of the most principle steps towards his growing into a healthy, grown-up, young child.

These books are easy to understand by both parents and children. Along with providing the parents with proper guidance and help in potty training their child, these books are also very effective for children to make their journey more enjoyable and to overcome their fears.

Here is a list of the best potty training books available worldwide.

Go order some or read them online, if available.

1. P Is For Potty! (Sesame Street) (Lift-The-Flap)

By Naomi Kleinberg and Christopher Moroney.

Sesame Street‘s Elmo is a funny character telling the toddlers how to sit on a potty. This book is intended for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years of age. It is full of striking graphics and characters. Elmo shows the perfect way to use the potty with a lot of fun and excitement for your child. It is a kind of board book. So, it can take repeated lifting and flipping by your little one without getting damaged.

P is for Potty

The book says, “Toddlers can lift and peek under lots of fun flaps as Elmo tells about how to be a big kid and use the potty.”

It is the best seller potty training book on Amazon.

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2. A Potty for Me!

By Karen Katz.

If you are looking for a skylarking potty training book, here it is. It is the best combination of fun and detail. You can take it as a training guide from the very first step to the expert level. It eventually leads to the success of your child. The book is a step by step guide from mommy bring he potty for her little one, baby gets up and go to the potty, eat and go to the potty, and play and go to the potty.

A Potty for Me!

After following the complete training according to the book your child will end up feeling proud of himself.

It is a hardcover book. So, there is no need to worry about baby tearing it apart or getting it damaged while handling.

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3. Big Girl Panties

By Fran Manushkin and Valeria Petone.

It is a book written in a light, cool and rewarding perspective. It has a 4.7-star ratings on Amazon. The book will help your child get rid of diapers. The vivid colours, rhyming text, and colourful illustrations make the book enjoyable, worth reading and easy to understand for both parents and children.

Big Girl Panties

Due to its novel presentation, it will become your child’s favourite book. He will enjoy the flow and will love following it.

It is a hardcover well-bound book so, there is no risk of damage by your child while handling.

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4. Potty Time! (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

By Scarlett Wing and Cottage Door Press.

It is a fantastic book for a toddler refusing to potty train or going through any stage of the potty training process. Your child will fall in love with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood where he teaches with the rhyming melodious sounds to potty train your little ones. There is a cute little button for a sound which makes this book a lot much interactive and interesting for your child.

So, if your child loves Daniel Tigers or needs a little extra inspiration for using a potty, they are going to love it.

Potty Time

Thanks to sturdy handle and the hardboard, your child can lug it anywhere.

You can buy this awesome influential and interactive Book On Amazon for $8.00.

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5. Where’s the Poop?

Your child will find this book hilarious and giggle all the time you read it for them. The book is stuffed with cute, engaging, vibrant drawings showcasing how the animals poo in their respective environment. This book not only is helpful in potty training but also shows some science facts to improve your child’s perspective. The pictures of various animals, environments, and the digestive systems make this book a lot more informational than the rest of bulk entertaining poop training books available in the market.

Where’s the Poop

It’s not a board book but the pages are sturdy and difficult to tear off. It comes with flaps to lift and your baby finds it fun in lifting them.

If you are having some problem in your child’s potty training and want to make it fun and informative for your little one, I seriously recommend this book.

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6. I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way!: A Book For Children Who Refuse To Poop

By Tracey J. Vessillo and Mike Motz.

If you are worried about your kid who runs away and says no every time you tell him to go to the potty, this book is for you. The author understands the complex feelings the child is facing about pooping in the potty and his reluctance to go to the potty. Sometimes he is irritated, sometimes he is scared, sometimes he is discouraged, sometimes he just wants to run away. The book depicts those different feelings and asks the parents to please stay patient. And then the book ends with a lot of pride from everyone.

I Can't, I Won't, No Way!:

It is important to note here that when the child is afraid to go to the potty and refuse every time you ask him for it can cause his colon swollen up. Ultimately, he will lose the sensitivity and the sensation when he needs to poop. So, he will end up doing it in his paints. So, please parents stay calm and focused. Do not scold your child for not following you. Instead, look into the problems and find the solution with patience. It’s for your child’s better growth and development.

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7. I’m the Potty Master! (Easy Potty Training in Just Days!) (Louie’s Little Lessons)

By Liz Fletcher and Greg Bishop.

You may not find it a very direct and simple book easy to comprehend by little children up to 3 years old. It can, yet, become a lot more interesting for your child by a little explanation from you. It helps parents learn more ways to potty train their child in a better way. Your child will get excited when you call him potty master. The story is very imaginative and the book is full of vivid graphics and illustrations. Your child will find it quite exciting and will love to listen to it.

I'm the Potty Master!

The book comprises of smart rhymes, easy lessons and attractive graphics.

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8. Potty Training For Busy Parents: A Guide to Going Diaper Free On Your Own Time

By Allison Jandu.

If you are a working parent, single parent or a busy one, this book is for you. The author tells in a very pacifying tone to the parents to stay calm, patient, and positive. He tells parents to be supportive and many other alternative ways when their child is not showing any compliance with the previous one. The author provides practical tips to make your journey towards getting rid of your child’s diapers easy and comfortable. He understands how difficult, tiresome and disturbing it can be for both parent and child. So, he provides with motivational quotes to keep your morals high and stay persistent. This tiresome process will be a breeze for your child once you implement his strategies.

Potty Training for Busy Parents

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9. Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need To Know To Do It Once And Do It Right

By Jamie Glowacki.

It is a very easy, practical guide to help in potty training your child. The methods given in the book are successful for most of the children and they can follow it easily. The author provides all of the possible, pre- tested ways that can help your little one gets through this training process. He uses a straight forward language and focuses on logical learning tips rather than beating about the bush. He provides suggestions to almost every problem and how to relax your baby and make it enjoyable for him. He gives all the parenting tips to help their children pee and poo independently.

Oh Crap! Potty Training

You will find this book wonderful and helpful in your parenting process.

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10. Super Pooper!: A Cute Story On How To Bring Fun And Laughter To Potty Training

By Monika Saloan.

The cute, funny, vivid characters used in the book will help parents make their child frustrating challenging the potty training process funny and easy. If your child loves superheroes, he will surely fall in love with this book. He will love to poop in the potty every time he needs to, and sometimes without help from the elder to get him called “super pooper”. The bright colours will maintain the interest of your child and will help him get through this process easily. Due to its simple, clear story and interesting text, your child will want you to read it again and again and enjoy every time.

Super Pooper!

You can Buy It On Amazon for $7.99.

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11. We Poop On The Potty! (Book & Downloadable App!)

The book consists of so many funny illustrations and brilliant colours. This book comprises many creatures, their environment, and their poop. This book has a lot of interesting content on each page and has so many wonderful stories. Each turn of the page offers animals, shades, automobiles, aliens, fairytales and plenty of other contents to keep your little one amused while going potty.

We Poop On The Potty!

You can Buy It On Amazon for $10.98.

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12. Once Upon a Potty — Boy

By Alona Frankel.

This book is composed in a very interesting way to entice your child to sit on the potty and read with the characters in the book. It resonates with your child’s interests making him read out loud with you and follow as you read. This book is water-resistant which is another extra benefit. You can use it easily in the bathroom and read it to your child! The retro pictures, the clear and simple descriptions and interesting story make it a perfect choice for both parents and children.

Once Upon A Potty -- Boy

You can Buy It On Amazon for $8.67.

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Key Takeaways:

Here is a list of books that can be quite helpful for your little ones. All of these are available on Amazon for reasonable prices

  1. Quick and complete Potty Training
  2. P is for Potty!
  3. Potty for me!
  4. Big Girl Panties
  5. Potty Time! (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)
  6. Where’s the Poop?
  7. I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way!
  8. I’m the Potty Master!
  9. Potty Training for Busy Parents
  10. Oh Crap! Potty Training
  11. Super Pooper!
  12. We Poop on the Potty!
  13. Once upon a potty – Boy

Cutting it short, the poop training can be challenging, tiresome, frustrating and sometimes parents end up scolding their child for not following them. But dear parents, have patience, stay calm and look for the problems your child is facing.

Do not make it a great deal to handle. Try to make it as enjoyable and easy as you can. The books can offer great help in your child’s journey as the child loves to follow the characters present inside. Do try them and see your child getting rid of diapers enjoying adult panties.