At What Age Should You Stop Your Child To Sleep With You?

So it’s finally time to paint the walls of your kid’s room as you wanted. It is as exciting for them as to how it is for you. When children grow up they need to sleep separately. Some countries have rules stating that a couple must purchase a house concerning the number of children they have. This means that even you have a single child you still need to buy a house that consists of two bedrooms at least. If you are paying the rent for the entire house then it’s injustice with your pocket if your child is still sleeping with you!

Some parents are concerned regarding the right age in which their child can shift to his/her room. This guide will direct you about the best time to shift your child in his/her room but before that, you need to learn why a child must sleep in a different room


When a child reaches the age of 4 he/she tends to adopt new changes. They learn to think and talk simultaneously, make new friends, grab habits similar to their parents or even start school, etc. In this phase of child development, children need to be confident enough and shouldn’t rely on their parents. Children should ask for their needs themselves and it is only possible when they know their folks are not around.

When a child passes the toddler age and enters into being a kid then him/she needs to become fearless. Most children refuse to sleep alone because they are afraid of the dark and some parents don’t even bother to overcome such fears of their offspring. Therefore, shifting your child when he reaches four can make him/her more confident and self-reluctant.


In some cultures, It is considered as a taboo for kids to sleep next to their parents when they reach an age in which they can communicate well. This usually happens at around year four of life.

Couples normally want to have a time of their own and it is normally considered unethical for children to stay in their parent’s rooms while they are alone. Children can see, communicate, and relate to things that they see at the age of four, therefore it is suggested that parents should give them a space of their own.

If you are planning for a next baby then it is time to stop your first one to sleep with you!


Children at around four years of age are probably capable of doing their work themselves which includes putting their shoes on, eating their meals, putting their favorite clothes on, etc. However, the only thing which they lack is sleeping on their own. Mothers who pamper their kids overly can face difficulties in the future. However, working mothers have said that they barely have time to put their children to sleep and hence they sleep on their own. This way children eventually learn to sleep in a separate room. So mothers stop singing that old granny lullaby to your children and make them a sport!

To Avoid Mockery

Some kids have reported that they are bullied or made fun of when their mates learn that they sleep with their parents. To avoid such eventuality it is therefore recommended to shift your child from your space.

“I have to go for work tomorrow and need some sleep but toby wouldn’t let me do so. He keeps jumping on the bed until he falls asleep. I thought maybe if I shift him into his sister’s room I might get some sleep instead but I am unsure whether it’s the right age for him or no neither do I know how I will manage to do it “says Marlin

Little did Marlin know that there are multiple ways through which children can be persuaded to sleep in their room. It might be difficult in the first few days but eventually, your child will succeed. The following guidelines will surely help out those moms who are seeking ways.

How To Convince Children To Sleep In Their Room?

Playful Room

Children are always attracted to colors and toys. All you can do is decorate your child’s room with different colors. Remember, it is not advisable to use dark colors as it tends to make the room appear dull and boring. Place some radium stars on the roof as it has a soothing and calming effect on the child’s brain. Since four-year-old children are fond of toys, hang some of them in the corners of your child’s room.

Mommy By Side

A lot of kids have this habit of their mom sleeping next to them even after surpassing the toddler age. If you are among those women whose children want their mother by side while sleeping then here is a tip to trick him/her. Sleep in his room next to him, keep patting him till he goes to sleep. Once you notice that he is fast sleep just place a pillow on his back. This will make him feel your presence

Bedtime Stories

At the age of four children normally grab things said vocally. Their brain is programmed in such a way that it gets used to anything has done repeatedly. Therefore, send your child to his room and read out a bedtime story to him daily for 25 days. It is proved scientifically that it takes around 25 days for an individual to adopt a habit. Reading a bedtime story will make him sleepy eventually.

Bubble Bath

Before bed going to bed give to your four-year-old a warm bath. This will make him feel relaxed and stress-free, eventually, he/she will fall asleep without your effort of putting him/her to sleep. The art to a night of healthy sleep is a relaxed mind and body which can be achieved by a hot shower.

Tummy Fullness

If your child has taken enough meals to fill his/her tummy then it will become easier for you to shift their room. A four-year-old is mature enough to be fed and can sleep hours and hours if full. Some children below 5 years of age wake up during the night out of hunger. You can keep some munchkins beside their bed and they can have it whenever they wake up from their sleep.

Which Age Group Of Children Is Not Exempted From Co-Sleeping?

Breastfeeding Babies 

 WHO recommends mothers breastfeed their babies till the age of 2. Children who are below four years are not to be persuaded to sleep without their mothers because it is the time when they need their mother the most. 

The Sick Ones 

Children who are suffering from diseases despite being older than four years are strictly prohibited to sleep separately. They need constant supervision from their mothers even during the night. Apart from the sick, children who are mentally retarded like those having downs Syndrome should never be left unattended to sleep as they are always at high risk of dangers. 

Insomniac And Phobic Children 

Some children who have had a history or incident related to fear of sleeping alone should not be forced to stop Co-sleeping. This can trigger their fears and can lead to a severe nervous breakdown. However, you can seek help from their psychiatrist and a few sessions can help them overcome the phobia they have been carrying.

If your child is distinctly naughty and mischievous who has difficulty sleeping during the night, then it is better to wait until he has control over himself and becomes mature enough. In such cases, you should avoid making him sleep during the daytime for extended hours.

What Are The De-Merits Of Co-Sleeping?

‘’I am hell worried for Sam as she has to be starting school from the very next month, I wonder when she’ll be starting to sleep in her room. ‘’

Richa is afraid that her girl is soon to start schooling but she is still hesitant to leave her mom while sleeping. When kids approach the age of schooling or even playgroup they are supposed to become confident and independent. Family Co-sleeping can cut-back this attribute. A lot of the teachers complain that their students are afraid of having their lunch on their own in the lobby. This is an alarming situation for all the parents out there who sleep with their older kids in the name of pampering.

Some parents are habitual smokers or drinkers. As a result, their kids are vulnerable to inhale such harmful toxic chemicals that can be airborne. Children having low immunity can become susceptible to diseases. Therefore it is encouraged to convince them to sleep in their own space.

‘’ I was 6 months pregnant while carrying Ted my second baby when Rose my daughter aged 4 years accidentally kicked my tummy. I was rushed to the emergency department as I had to suffer from bleeding. It was then when realized I should make a separate for Rose’’ Says Carl

Expectant mothers should strictly forbid sleeping with their older child to prevent unavoidable incidents such as unintentional kicking, cuddling tightly such that the mother feels breathless, and depriving of sleeping which is a requirement for a pregnant mother.


Bearing your child in the womb for nine months followed by sleeping next to him for another 3 years, then making him sleep separately can be very tough on the heart but let’s face it, it is for their good. A four-year-old child who is capable to start school and do things on his own should surely stop co-sleeping. Letting your child sleep in a different room doesn’t mean you love him any lesser but it is an essential part of their upbringing and building a strong character.  


 Q) How Can I Know That My Child Is Now Eligible To Sleep In The Other Room?

A) As soon as you notice that your kid is carrying out his minor jobs on his own signifies that he is now cable to sleep in his room. The minor job here refers to eating, wearing shoes, and clothes.

Q) Is It Okay To Sleep Next To My Kid In His Room For The First Few Days Of Stopping To Co-Sleep?

A) Yes, it is completely fine it is ideal to sleep with your child for the first few days in the practicing phase to cut down co-sleeping.

 Q) What If My Child Starts Crying In The Middle Of The Night While Sleeping In His Room?

A) During the first days of sleeping alone, there are chances that your child will act fussy. You can go to his room and console him that is completely fine and safe to sleep or else you can just put him back to sleep while lying down for a few minutes till he resumes back to fast asleep.

Q) My Kid Sleeps In His They Day Time But He Won’t Sleep During The Night, How Can I Help Him To Sleep During The Night Time As Well?

 A) A little effort from your side and you are good to go. Just read a bed-time story to him while lying beside. Assure him that you are by his side throughout the night and you will see him sleeping the entire night.

Q) What If I Cannot Afford A House With A Separate Room For My Children But I Still Want Them To Sleep Separately?

A) Even if you are non-affordable all you can do is just place a curtain in your room in such a way that it created a partition in your room. Place a single mattress in the area your child will have. 

Q) I Breastfeed My Child, Can I Shift Her Into Her Sister’s Room?

A) No.

Breastfeeding a child until an extended age is not recommended to sleep in a different room. This is because the child is still dependent on the mother to meet nourishment and hunger needs. Once the child surpasses the breastfeeding stage, he/she is good to go.